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2018's Best Hybrid Teas for Exhibition
Mike's back with his favourite HTs to look out for in 2018, a must see if you plan on exhibiting.
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My Malvern Story
Mike talks about his latest trip to Malvern and of his (spooky) journey home.
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Have Modern Roses Lost Their Scent?
A common phrase today is modern roses have lost all their perfume - in this article, Mike highlights the roses with the best scents.
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The Very Best Hybrid Tea Show Roses of 2015
Back by popular demand, Mike's countdown of his favourite hybrid tea show roses of 2015.
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The Best Hybrid Tea Roses for Your Garden
Mike is back again to countdown his list of the top 10 hybrid tea roses for the garden. 
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Staging Roses for Beginners
A YouTube video featuring Mike Thompson & Ivor Mace giving a thorough demonstration on how to stage vases, bowls and boxes.
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How to Be Good at Growing Roses
We give you a comprehensive run down on how to get the most from your garden.
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Roses That Fend for Themselves
The time is coming where spraying will no longer be an option. Mike Thompson gives you his healthiest roses + tips for reducing disease.
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