What Are the Best Hybrid Tea Roses for Your Garden

This is my top ten list of garden hybrid tea roses that are grown purely as a good garden perennial. Based on their ability to produce lots of roses that are healthy, vigorous, and with some perfume (because a good garden hybrid tea really should have some perfume!).

This list is based on what I have grown and the roses on it are my personal recommendations. I have placed them in order from 1-10 but there really is nothing between any of them. I would be equally happy with number one or number ten, in fact there are so many good hybrid tea's out there I will probably be adding to this list.

10: Nostalgia (red/pink/white)
This rose will catch your eye from a distance. Good healthy bush, lots of blooms you just can't ignore. Perfume 3/10.


9: Hot Princess (cerise/red)
New! Bright glossy foliage, tall stems with lovely bright blooms. Perfume 3/10. 


8: Remember Me (orange blend/salmon pink shades)
Will make a fine tall bush, gorgeous colour. Perfume 3/10. 


7: Lowri (golden yellow/touch of pink)
New! Little known, but soon will be. Good bedding height, glossy foliage, lovely cut flower. Perfume 5/10. 


6: Firefighter (bright red, also known as Roxanne Pallett)
3-4ft long stems, makes a good healthy bush. Perfume a lush 9/10. 


5: Silver Anniversary (white)
Lots of blooms and glossy foliage. Perfume 3/10. 


4: Charlie's Rose (cherry red/silvery pink)
Again, good bedding. Lovely glossy foliage. If it's perfume you're after, one in a room will do it. 9/10.


3: Alexander (bright vermilion)
Good bedding height of 3-4ft, at it's best as the light starts to fade. Perfume 3/10.


2: Royal William (deep red/tall)
Back of the border for this powerhouse. Perfume 5/10.


1: Whiter Shade of Pale (White with a touch of pink)
Good bedding height, lovely shade of pink at the centre of the bloom. Perfume 6/10.


written by Mike Thompson - 15th January 2015


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