Have Modern Roses Lost Their Scent?
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A common phrase today is modern roses have lost all their perfume - but this is simply not true. Most of the roses you buy in supermarkets and florist shops have no perfume or very little, but a big percentage of roses you buy from nurseries will have some scent, and are really worth growing.

All roses on this list have superb perfume, and are all different. I ask myself which one is the most powerful and I cannot give you an answer.  It is definitely the perfume on roses that keeps it as the UK's most popular flower, and keeps me growing them.

What have the rose got to offer that other flowers lack? There is no doubt it owes it's perennial popularity to it's scent; it was for this priceless quality that it was originally cultivated. Many, many, more can be added to this list, and probably will be. But these are my favourite top ten.

10. Jude the Obscure (Austins)


9. Barbara Streisand (HT)


8. Gertrude Jekyll (Austins)


7. Evelyn (Austins)


6. Chris Beardshaw (HT)


5. Odyssy (Floribunda)

odyssey -rhonddarosesociety.jpg

4. Anna Pavloa (HT)

anna-pavlova -rhonddarosesociety.jpg

3. Irene's Delight (HT)


2. Wild Edric (Austins)


1. Admiral Rodney (HT)


What do you think of our top 10 scented roses? Comment below.

written by Mike - 31/03/2015


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