Mike's Top 10 Exhibition Hybrid Teas

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Here are what I consider to be the best exhibition Hybrid Teas for 2018, not an official list, but my personal favourites.


10. "Yorkshire Lady"

This is an off-white almost lemony coloured HT with the most perfect shape, although it needs to be maintained well to get good size and growth. Watch out for mildew with this one!


9. "Over The Moon"

This HT is not so good on the first flush because the petals can sometimes be uneven, but on second flush it is excellent and big in size. It's a golden colour with pale edges.


8. "Martha's Choice"

This HT has been around for quite a long time but wasn't made available to the public until recently. It's pink in colour and has a wonderful fragrance, in fact I would go as far as to say it's one of the most fragrant roses ever.

Unfortunately, we don't have a picture for this rose. We'll add one as soon as possible.

7. "Signature"

This full petaled rose grows well and has a lovely shape but will need some treating if you want a good bloom. Dark pink in colour.


6. "Andrea Sterlzer"

Tall growing, pink in colour and plenty of roses per bush. You can expect every rose to have a good centre, but watch out for blackspot!


5. "Princess Nobuku"

This pink rose is just like a healthier and bigger version of "Silver Jubilee" with good centres and foliage down to the soil.


4. "Die Welt"

A yellow and pink rose with a hint of white. Always good centres but watch out for mildew.


3. "Big Chief"

This rose is dark red in colour and doesn't like the sun, but revels in cool weather.


2. "Lowri"

Healthy with excellent centres, Lowri is a great garden of exhibition rose producing lots of golden colour flowers.


1. "Admiral Rodney"

Last but certainly not least, my favourite rose for 2018 has won me more prizes than any other rose, but it's not for everybody. It's light pink/white in colour with a hint of mauve. 



published by Mike Thompson | 24th February 2018


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