Top 10: Hybrid Tea Show Roses (2014)

This list is not my own personal list of what I show, but the most popular that I see at national & local shows that are actually put in front of the judges. Hybrid Tea's are still the most popular rose with the general public, so here is my top 10 Hybrid Tea show roses.

1: Red Devil

Red Devil

2: Silver Anniversary

Silver Anniversary

3: Admiral Rodney

Admiral Rodney

4: Andrea Stelzer

Andrea Stelzer

5: Gemini


6: Hot Princess

Hot Princess

7: Selfridges


8: Wimi


9: Julia's Kiss

Julia's Kiss

10: Elina


My own personal prediction for roses to watch out for in future would be:

Lowri: A new amber coloured hybrid tea with a lovely pin centre, colour that lasts, and all on a healthy vigorous bush.


Princess Nobuku: Lovely soft pink colour, quite vigorous with foliage almost to the soil.

Princess Nobuku

Affirm: Soft pink high centered bloom, plenty of body, the only downside of this HT would be that the petals may be a little bit thin (so watch the rain!)


Article written by Mike Thompson


Also on the Rhondda Rose Society website...


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