Doctor Rose is an anonymous author who lives in a remote cottage in Mid Wales.

One of the several wonders of the world and certainly the best kept secret of our time, with only an email address to contact him.

Nobody knows his exact location, only that he spends the majority of his time advising fellow rose growers on how to improve and overcome problems they may be having.

With his sharp and witty responses, no question will go unanswered.



Are there any varieties of Rose that can be considered 'Welsh'?
Shaun - 26.05.2016
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Is it safe to water my roses with tap water?
Andrew, Chelmsford - 03.12.2015
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Where to buy rose covers or make some?
Martin, Cleethorpes - 12.08.2015
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Is mid-Wales a good place for growing roses, or am I too close to the sea? 
Christie, Aberystwyth - 07.08.2015
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Doctor Rose, where do you live?
Paris, Rhondda - 12.05.2015
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I am growing some floribunda for my friends wedding, someone has said that rose petals can blow off easily in the wind whilst growing. Would you give me your expert prognosis please?
Ronaigh, Littlehampton - 01.02.2015
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I'm a hobby gardener, can you give me advice for timing roses ready to enter in our small local show?
Glenda, Merthyr Tydfil - 03.12.2014
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Have I overfilled my polytunnel with roses? I have quite a bit of mildew and the roots have had plenty of water. I'm not sure how to get rid of it
Michael, Llwynypia - 29.11.2014
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I've heard bat droppings make the best manure. Is this true?
Otto, East Coast - 09.11.2014
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What new roses can you recommend for my garden that are healthy and vigorous and don't need looking after?
Martin, Nottingham - 12.10.2014

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