Hello Dr Rose, I'm a hobby gardener. Two years now on the run I haven't had a rose ready to enter in our small local show. Last year had some lovely ones a week too late, this year none ready or well gone over. I know it must vary with each rose, but any idea roughly the timing from a cut back to a flower for me to try and get it right next year? Glenda, Merthyr Tydfil

Glenda, sorry for the delay in answering, my internet has been down here in my remote cottage in mid Wales. It is impossible to time roses for shows because the weather plays a big part in their rate of growth and because they are grown outdoors we have no control over the temperature they grow in. The best way to get them for the shows is to grow some early flowering varieties, some later ones and some very late ones. This way you stand a better chance to get a few on show day. Best regards, Dr Rose. Doctor Rose