Top 10 Garden Hybrid Tea Show Roses


Top 10 Hybrid Tea Show Roses
Mike's countdown of his favourite hybrid tea show roses, followed by his personal prediction for roses to watch out for.
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Top 10 Garden Hybrid Tea Roses
Due to popular demand, Mike is back again to countdown his list of the top 10 hybrid tea roses for the garden. 
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Staging Roses for Beginners
A YouTube video featuring Mike Thompson & Ivor Mace giving a thorough demonstration on how to stage vases, bowls and boxes.
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12 Tips for Good Rose Growing
We give you a comprehensive run down on how to get the most from your garden.
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Top 10 Healthy Roses
The time is coming where spraying will no longer be an option. Mike Thompson gives you his healthiest roses + tips for reducing disease.
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Summer Pruning (Members only)
Pruning is usually done in February or March, but what about your plants that bloom in June or July? Here's all you need to know.
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My Experience With Roses (Members only)
Gareth Davies tells us how he got into rose growing and what his favourite variates are. 
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Malvern Rose Show (Members only)
Ray Martin gives us a run down from the latest Malvern Spring Festival (2014) including a list of winners from each category.
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